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Notary Public Cayman

122 Cannon Place

George Town

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Proof of Identity

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Proof of Identity


There is a list of documents that are considered “acceptable’ when bringing them to Notary Public Cayman as the proof of identity. Every signer must show valid photo identification. All the identification must have a photo, a physical description, serial number, signature and must be valid.

Driver’s License


Birth Certificate

Foreign Driver’s License

Foreign Passport

Social Security Card

Credible witnesses are required to sign an affidavit that says:

  • The signer of the document is well-known to the credible witness.
  • He/she believes the signer does not possess an acceptable form of identification.
  • He/she believes the signer is reasonably unable to obtain an acceptable form of identification.
  • And the credible witness has no financial interest or incentive for the document’s execution.