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What Does A Notary Public Do in the Cayman Islands? What Does A Notary Public Do in the Cayman Islands?

Lot of people in and around I meet do not know what it means to be a Notary Public and what are my duties and responsibilities and this is the reason for me to do a blog.

The common answer I receive is as a notary you stamp my documents, correct? No one knows why these documents actually need a notaries approval or what is involved in the process of actual notarizing a document. This article will hopefully answer some of the questions and explain my job as a Notary Public in the Cayman Islands.

To answer these questions you first need to know What is a Notary Public? You can visit one of the recent articles that I wrote explaining What is a Notary Public in the Cayman Islands.

The next question is what roles and duties do a notary public in the Cayman Islands perform:

  1. Verifying the identity of the signer who appears before me
  2. Ensure that the signer is signing the document freely & willingly
  3. Witness the signature of the signing party
  4. Administer an oath to the signer and any additional parties as and when required
  5. Verify the identity of the signer with the help of a governement issues ID
  6. Sign the document, stamp and seal it
  7. Record the details of the notary in the notary journal

I do hope this explains the roles & responsibilities of a notary in the Cayman Islands. If you need a notary public to ever notarize any of your documents you can book an appointment with a Cayman Islands Notary here.


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