Notary Services at your convenience.

Please Note: We only accept cash.

Notary Public Cayman

122 Cannon Place

George Town

9.30 am to 7 pm

Monday to Friday Weekends on Request

Why not to use a free notary? Why not to use a free notary?

There a legal liability for a Notary to take every detail of a document into consideration. There are certain norms that need to be followed and achieved for one to become an official Notary. Beware! Of anyone who notarizes the documents for free. That might someday put one in deep trouble. A Notary must follow proper and legal procedures in terms of verifying the original photo identification documents. Only then can a/the document/s can be notarized. certain banks often have an employee become a notary, and they will provide notarial services for free or for discounted costs to their customers. But if you’re not a customer, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get the service for free. There is a legal liability for the notary if they don’t do their job right, and so a bank would likely be very unwilling to take on that liability for a non-customer.

Please ensure that you always go a right authorized notary.


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